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A book for teens and young adults that traces the history

of the plague from ancient times to today, focusing on the  

Black Death and its aftermath in the Middle Ages. Also

tells of causes and cures of the pandemic disease.  



A preteen adventure novel in which Hank Cooper joins

his archaeological parents on an expedition in the

jungles of South America in search of a legendary  

sacrificial dagger. They go missing and he must find them

to save their lives.


The Better Angels

THE BETTER ANGELS: The Springfield Lives of  

Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln’s Sons. Based on

the recollections of Mariah Vance, their black  

housekeeper from 1850 to 1860 as Lincoln rose from

country lawyer to U.S. President.


And You Will Find Love

Say something AND YOU WILL FIND LOVE by Walter Oleksy

is an historical women’s romance novel in which  

Barbara Markey, a pioneer 1930s aviatrix, suffers  

unrequited love. She searches for true love for ten

years with several disappointments before finally

finding it near the end of World War II in 1945.  

Pilots or anyone who loves flying a plane will

enjoy this romantic story with no strong sex  

(a good Christian romance).about your business here.


Up From Nowhere

  UP FROM NOWHERE is a teenage and young adult novel, first in a 4-book series. Tom Delos, 17, is a juvenile delinquent well on his way to a life of crime. When his best friend is killed in a gang rumble he fears that is his future so he forms a gang, The Guardians, to help himself and his sister and other teenagers to stay out of trouble. 


It's Women's Work Too


Time was when women worked mainly in offices or classrooms,

but not anymore! Today, women can work in just about anything men can.  This book for middle readers and teenagers contains interviews and photos of women airline pilots, astronauts, train engineers, civil and electrical engineers, ship commanders, firefighters, oil rig workers, steel workers, FBI agents race car drivers, stunt women, coal miners, professional basketball players, governors and Congresswomen, etc.

  • A career book for teenagers published 1980 by
    Julian Messner, New York, in hardcover, 6x9, 192 pages,
    with many photos.  



A biography for teens and young adults of James Dean who  

became a movie legend with only three movies before dying

in automobile accent. He became a teen idol despite a very
troubled youth and rebellious nature. The biography
concludes with an in-depth report on his death which
was in a reckless accident, yet catapulted him into
teen worship. Published 2001 by Lucent Books, San Diego

hardcover 8x9 inches, 108 pages with photos.



The life and career of the actor who played Superman in the

movies and then had a tragic accident in a horse-jumping  

competition and became paralyzed. His courage became an

inspiration to others handicapped and he became an activist

in a wheelchair for medical, political, and social support of  

invalids. People in the News hardcover book published 2000  

by Lucent Books. Illustrated with many photos. 6x9 inches,  

12 pages. For teenagersand young adults.  



A biography of the beloved British "Peoples' Princess," from her girlhood and teenage years to becoming a fairy tale princess and wife of Britain's Prince Charles. Then their troubled marriage leading to divorce, her last years as a humanitarian and tragic death in a Paris auto accident, and her legacy. Published 2000 by Lucent Books, San Diego, in hardcover, 6x9 inches, 112 pages with photos.


Abe Lincoln's Boys

 ABE LINCOLN'S BOYS: Their Unknown Springfield Years

Reviewers gave this book five stars and called it “A great book.”

It tells new true stories of the lives of Abraham and Mary Todd

Lincoln and their sons in Springfield, Illinois from 1850 to 1860  

as Abe rose from country lawyer to U.S. became President and

moved to Washington. The early lives of the Lincoln's together  

and with their children are revealed in the recollections of  

Mariah Vance, a black woman who was housekeeper in their

home those crucial ten years. They were a typical dysfunctional

American family circa 1800’s with sadness and lots of laughs.  



Memoirs of Walter Oleksy’s Chicago boyhood,  

1930-1951, from the Great Depression through  

World War II.

  • Anyone going through hard times today ca n take
    comfort and courage in knowing how we survived
    poverty and war, and they can do it, too. 



 Interviews with more than two dozen men and women
who work with animals in various ways at zoos,
nature centers, animal parks, circuses, pet shops,
animal shelters and hospitals, and those working with
fish and marine animals, horses, dogs and cats, as well
as veterinarians and others working in animal safety

and welfare. Introduction by Jim Fowler of television's  

"Wild Kingdom" and a leading wildlife authority and